Driving efficiency at every stage of our projects, constantly striking the right balance between quality and cost. Our cost management service provides independent, impartial, specialist advice on the full scope of construction costs throughout the life cycle of projects.


An extensive track record of working in partnership with clients, consultants and contractors in both the private and public sector.


Our people are central to the development of client partnerships, helping to negotiate commercial terms with contractors and suppliers so that risks and rewards are shared.


Crowngate PMC has the final cost plans for a wide range of completed projects. This information provides the outturn cost of completion and therefore a benchmark of cost. Each project within the data base provides examples of types of projects across the development range in terms of location, type of development, a cross section of consultants, contractors and suppliers. This information is the basis of the benchmarking cost during the feasibility and development phases.

Cost Control & Risk Management Services:


  • Feasibility studies

  • Benchmarking

  • Life cycle cost planning

  • Strategic Cost Advice

  • Cost and Change Management

  • Engineering services

  • Procurement and Contracts

  • Risk and Contingency Management

  • Value Engineering

A unique approach to Change Management increases the success / adoption rates in program's and accelerates results. We believe that if people need to do things differently, then areas of resistance need to be addressed, so the change can be managed and delivery of benefits accelerated.


When all stakeholders involved are fully engaged and participating in the change process, exceptional results can occur.


Our services are designed to support clients in bridging the gap between the aspirations of executives, technical project teams and the people in the business impacted by the change.

Each offering is supported by our own tools, templates and methodologies that are designed to accelerate your change delivery by reducing the time it takes to embed change and thereby reducing disruption to the business.

Risk Management


In the current financial climate, a comprehensive understanding of the risk and opportunity inherent in your business venture or project is crucial. By understanding the certainty and exposure around cost, benefits and schedule, intelligent and informed decisions can be made regarding investment options and ongoing delivery.


We align risk awareness with program and project objectives, allocate risk appropriately, drive timely decision making and focus management activity on critical areas. Detailed cost and schedule analyses evaluate the likelihood of achieving key dates, indicate budget resilience, and develop appropriate risk contingency allowances.


Our approach ensures that you are in control of strategic, program, project and operational risks throughout the development life-cycle, providing: a focus on critical success factors confidence in the selection of cost-effective options compliance with corporate governance and regulatory requirements improved communication and understanding of uncertainty at all levels.

Cost & Risk Management Scope of Work