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Crowngate PMC provides efficient, professional and high-quality Consultancy Services locally, regionally and on a global scale, throughout many different industry sectors including Residential and Commercial developments, Retail, Airports, Hospitality, Master Developments and in the Education and Health Care sectors.

We provide our clients with bespoke, expert solutions that add true value to their business and projects, delivered on-time by professional, knowledgeable consultants, specialising in many different areas of project management consultancy, working closely with our clients to deliver the final product.

Crowngate PMC's Professional Licences cover a large scope of work including but not limited to:

- Feasibility Studies Consultancy

- Development Management Consultancy

- Project Management Consultancy

- Cost Control & Risk Management Services Consultancy

- Cost Recovery Services Consultancy

Crowngate PMC's HQ is in Dubai, UAE, so is very well located strategically for a large Global reach with our Consultant's very willing to travel to client’s International locations to offer a 360-degree professional client service.